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The History of Union City, Oklahoma

April 1884

By Leo A. Demmer

October 1986

The town of Union City began April 10, 1884 when this part of Oklahoma was unassigned land. George Dixon acquired 40 acres of this unassigned land about three-quarters of a mile south west of the present site of Union City. He set up a trading post and began selling lots. By 1889 there was a small settlement there and it was called Union City. The Union City Post Office was established the same year.

Union City became quite a lively town, and before long it contained 22 saloons in order to accommodate the many Chickasaw, Cheyenne-Arapho, and Caddo Indians. Liquor and gambling were prohibited in Indian Territory. Union City was the nearest place for the Indians to find relaxation.

In 1892 officials of the Rock Island Railroad offered to route the railroad though Union City for the sum of $500.00. The citizens of Union City thought that the railroad would come through town anyway and they did not pay. However, the train was routed about three-quarters of a mile to the east through the small community of Sherman. This is why, even to this day, that part of Union City is known as Sherman.

By 1894 the tracks were being laid through Sherman and the people of Union City started their move to be next to the track. However, not everyone moved to the new location some business men decided to move to El Reno and others went to Minco. Union City was finally located in its new location and had approximately 35 business establishments, with a large trade territory. The Business district was a little over two blocks long and contained several grocery stores, a bank, drugstore, three blacksmith shops, two licensed saloons, many illegal gambling places, a pool hall, creamery, butcher shop, bowling alley, three grain elevators, jewelry store, men's clothing store, restaurant, two livery stables, a barber shop, four churches, a real estate office, confectionery shop, newspapers (Union City Leader and Union City Alert), a bakery, Joe Strunk's Hotel, which was built in 1892, a china and crock ware shop, hatchery, farm machinery dealership, lumberyard. By 1904 Union City also had a telephone exchange.

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Old Picture, Union City, Oklahoma
old picture, Union City, Oklahoma


Union City Commutity Correction Center, Union City, Oklahoma


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