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Old Bank of the Union, Union City, Oklahoma


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The History of Union City, Oklahoma

April 1884

By Leo A. Demmer

October 1986

Page 10

In 1977, Kate received the Lions Outstanding Citizens Award, along with the Lion's District Governor's Pin. She received life time pass to Union City school activities. In 1981 the Union City School Annual was dedicated to her.

Kate was active Methodists for 70 years, always serving where needed. Her flowers grace the pulpit every Sunday during growing season.


I want to thank all who helped me write this history of Union City. Without their willing and able assistance it would not have been possible. They are Mrs. Evelyn Albers, Mrs. Marguerite Pinkston, Mrs. Louise Wilcox, Mrs. Martha Pappe, Mrs. Carolyn Lewman, Joe Michalicka, Kenton Petree, Ben Grove, Rudy Everett, Jack and Teresa Woolard, Mrs. Anna Demmer*, Kate Boevers*, Ralph Patzack*, and Donna Baron.

*Deceased (1986)

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Old Picture, Union City, Oklahoma
old picture, Union City, Oklahoma


Union City Commutity Correction Center, Union City, Oklahoma


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