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The History of Union City, Oklahoma

April 1884

By Leo A. Demmer

October 1986

Page 5

July 7, 1894 Doctor D.P. Richardson is very low, recovery hopeful, but doubtful, July 21, 1894, Doctor Richardson is getting better and in a few days will be up and going. July 14, 1894, the South South Canadian River is booming with mad water and mud the week. Saturday evening, July 14, 1894, Union City band concert at the band room, vocal, instrumental, also ice cream will be served. July 21, 1894, James McMahan had 20 acres of wheat that averaged 30 bushels per acres. August 4, 1894, Canadian County land is valued at $6.00 per acre.

In 1894 Union City had four churches. The Baptist Church has regular preaching every third Sunday at 11:00 am. The preacher E.A. Patterson. The north Methodist Church had services every first Sunday and 11:00 am and at 7:30 p.m.. The preacher J.H. Clark. The south Methodist Church had services the 4th Sunday of each month at 11:00 am and at 7:30 p.m.. The preacher M.D. Long.

On May 5, 1894, Bishop Meerschaert arrives at the depot, and a large number of town people are there to greet him. Charles Liebler gave a welcome speech. The bishop blesses the new Catholic Church and at 7:30 that evening he gave a grand lecture, the church was full to capacity. Mrs's Furhing, Strunk, Schnitz and Misses Louise Heppler and Anna Furhing decorate the church.

Doctor David Paul Richardson (1869-1957) was probably the most famous citizen that Union City had. He came to Union City as a general practitioner later he became the druggist, the banker, the postmaster, the mayor, and the Baptist Sunday School teacher. H was also a Mason, Elk , and Oddfellow. He was named as a possible candidate for Governor of Oklahoma. He was State Banking Commissioner for six years. (for more infomation on Doctor Richardson see volume I of the History of Canadian County)

The present bank of Union dates back to 1900, by 1906 it was in sad condition. There was $20,000.00 on deposit $4,000.00 of this belonged to Doctor Richardson. He bought a failing bank and in a few years it was prospering so that by 1910 a new bank was built across from the school. The bank continued in this location until 1977 when a new bank was built along 81 highway.

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Old Picture, Union City, Oklahoma
old picture, Union City, Oklahoma


Union City Commutity Correction Center, Union City, Oklahoma


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