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The History of Union City, Oklahoma

April 1884

By Leo A. Demmer

October 1986

Page 8

R & R Auction Service. Harold Ratterman and Bill Ray operate this service. They have a sale almost every Saturday.

One mile east of Union City is the location of Larry's Produce. They process meat and produce and sell this to a number of stores and restaurants in central Oklahoma. This is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Gabel.

At this time (1986) Union City has one grain elevator. This is owned by Kenneth Miles, who lives in El Reno. He also has elevators in El Reno, Darlington, and Okarche. The Union City elevator has a total wheat storage capacity of about 500,000 bushel. The managers at Union City are A.L. and Cherly Reed.

the Union City -- Town Hall and fire station are located in the same building. The present Board of Trustees consist of Jack E. White, Rudy Everett, and Mike Dawson. Rudy Everett is the mayor. The city clerk and treasurer is Susie Heger. the town has fire trucks. The fire chief is Harold Ratterman. Bill Ray is the assistant fire chief. The Union City Chief of Police is Charles Dries. The patrolman is Larry Guthries.

This History of Union City would not be complete without a few words about Kate Boevers. (1891-1986) she was born on February 25, 1891 in Fenton, Iowa. The family came to Oklahoma in 1899 and lived on a farm one mile north and three miles east of town. Kate had six brothers and four sisters. Kate's mother died on February 23, 1910. She died at 6:00 p.m., at the family home, four hour after having a stroke. After her mother's death Kate and her father moved to Union City. Kate took in boarders, cooked for railroad men, who were building a bridge across the South Canadian River. For this she was paid one dollar per day. She milked a cow, sold butter and milk and kept a flock of chickens.

Kate took a business course which she did not use, because after her graduation her father became ill. He was bedfast for three years and Kate took care of him during this time.

In 1941 Kate moved into the house where she lived until her death.

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Old Picture, Union City, Oklahoma
old picture, Union City, Oklahoma


Union City Commutity Correction Center, Union City, Oklahoma


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