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Public Works/Animal Control Director: David Jones

Union City, Oklahoma Water Tower

Public Works

Union City has a fully Qualified Water and Sewer Superintendent, who has equipment and man power to service the community's needs in matters of health and sanitation, as well as the supply and distribution of water, through a number of years of updating and upgrading, to the citizens of the town proper of the Town of Union City.

Water bills are due by the 10th of the month but are not past due until after the 23rd. They will then incur a 10% late fee. Please pay water bills at town hall or at the Bank of Union (Union City location) and make checks payable to Union City Municipal Authority.

All residential trash pick-up will be on every Friday and commercial will be on every Thursday of the week. All trash must be placed in poly-carts with opening facing the road, otherwise it will not be picked up. To aid in the beautification of our town, it is recommended that all trash be bagged before being placed in poly-cart.

If you have trash that will not fit in your poly-cart due to its size please call town hall.

We have a crew of inmates from the Union City Community Correctional facility that help with certain tasks. They have been very helpful in cleaning up the town. The inmates work very hard and do a wonderful job. Tasks that have been completed include: building a new concession stand at the town park in a joint effort with the Union City Lions Club and the Junior Boosters Club, cleaning out ditches for better drainage, mowing and weed eating, picking up garbage and debris, and many other various jobs. If you ever happen to see these guys out and about working, stop and tell them thank you for a job well done.



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